100 best flies for Montana

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Last week I suggested you get out the fly tying vise during the second half of the Super Bowl because it’s usually so boring.

Well, I blew that one!

If you were a Patriots’ fan you were probably celebrating all night. If you hate the Patriots, like most people west of the Mississippi, you were probably too upset to tie flies.

In either event, there’s still time to crank out some proven fish-foolers.

If you’re looking for pattern ideas, check out “100 Best Flies for Montana Trout”.

I showed my copy to some of the guys who get together to tie each week and they were very impressed with this book.

They liked the book primarily for two reasons: 1) the flies are definitely suitable for Montana and 2)the color photo of each individual fly is clear and big — 7-by-5 inches.

Editor Thomas Pero asked for recommendations of both proven traditional and innovative new patterns from the following fly designers and anglers: John Bailey (Dan Bailey Fly Shop), Craig Matthews (Blue Ribbon Flies), Dean Reiner (Hatch Finders Fly Shop), Duncan Oswald (Montana Fly Company), Marty Downey (Riverborn Fly Company) and Michael Hoiness (Yellowstone Fly Goods).

That’s an all-star lineup of guys who know how to catch trout in Montana.

Pattern chapters include dry flies, nymphs, streamers, midges terrestrials, scuds and sowbugs, emergers and eggs.

Referring to a large, color photo is extremely helpful when trying to match proportions and fly balance.

And each photo is accompanied by the appropriate recipe.

Years ago many of the larger, mail-order fly fishing companies published small color plates of fishing flies. Few still do.

If you spend some time surfing the Internet you could, no doubt, find some great photos.

But having a copy of “100 Best Flies of Montana Trout” on your tying bench will make your tying easier and more pleasurable. Published by Wildriverpress, $25.

Jerry Smalley’s Fishful Thinking column appears weekly in the Hungry Horse News.

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