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I am running for mayor so the people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can get good, high-paying industrial jobs to stay and raise their families here, not a thousand miles away.

I will be a proactive, full-time mayor and ask the city council to:

1) Amend the city charter, creating a full-time salaried mayor position and office staff.

2) Authority to negotiate with companies with final approval from the city council.

3) Close the city business office and transfer those duties and responsibilities to the mayorís office.

4) Existing - including the police, fire, and new - departments will be part of second answerable to the mayor. Department heads will be nominated by the mayor, vetted by the city council, and approved by the city council.

5) Will present a plan to the city council to expand City Hall and upgrade the business district with wider tree-lined sidewalks and mid-rise buildings (15 floors) with underground parking. The expanded street level commercial space will be a catalyst that will attract tourists and shoppers to a wide variety of cateries, shops, boutiques, etc.

Many people in Columbia Falls believe the city cannot become a tourist destination, industrial, and business center.

To me, Robert Kennedyís quote prior to his assassination says it best: ďOther people see things and wonder why. I see the same things and say why not.Ē

To accomplish these goals the city council must:

1) Pass a business and occupation tax. This tax, and property tax rebate of 29.65 percent from Flathead County to fund city functions will provide the revenue, making these goals a reality.

2) Aggressively expand the city limits to increase the tax revenue.

This election is about real change, high paying jobs, and the future direction of the city of Columbia Falls. Voters have the power to demand change. If you donít vote, you donít count. I thank you for your interest. Please vote.

John H. Rallis is a mayoral candidate for Columbia Falls.

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