Knudsen, Erickson lead cross-country squads

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The Columbia Falls boys took second the girls took third at the Whitefish Invitational on Tuesday.

Gabe Knudsen led the boys with a 16:58.65, about a second behind Tyler Schmautz of Frenchtown and just three seconds behind the winner, Brock Rugg of Frenchtown.

Lara Erickson was eighth for the girls with a 20:55.78.

Last week, the boys took second, the girls took third for Columbia Falls at the Thompson Falls Invitational cross-country meet last week.

Knudsen led the boys squad with a third-place finish and a time of 17:31.67. Joe Lamb was seventh with a 18:03.93 and James Role was 13th with a 18:17.92.

On the girls side, freshman Erickson was second with a 20:54.98.

Two days after Thompson Falls the team hopped a bus at 5 a.m. and went to Hamilton.

“About half the team ran faster here than they did two days prior. This may have been a result of gaining experience from the earlier race, or it could have been because it was a flatter course, but either way, the team did terrific. We got to see a couple of the top teams in the state, and we ran against a couple of the best runners in the state too,” coach Jim Peacock noted.

Knudsen took fourth, losing by a fraction of a second to Grant Martin of Corvallis. Knudsen’s time was 17:16.3, Martin’s was 17:15.9.

Erickson took fifth for the girls with a 21:49.3.

Genevieve Delorme and Raina Crowell finished 12th and 13th, with times of 22:29.5 and 22:30 respectively.

Peacock said it was great to finally get some races in this challenging fall.

“I am happy with the overall improvement of the teams. We are on track to be running our best at the state meet in Helena about a month from now. The kids have stayed focused despite the distractions the school has dealt with. Every day I am seeing a group of kids come together more and more as a team, and their improvement is steady and exciting,” he said.

On another cool note, teammate Kimberly Peacock was able to travel to Hamilton to watch her fellow runners. Peacock is battling leukemia. The Hamilton squad showed their support in her battle.

“They surprised me by donating proceeds from a community race held before the high school races to Kimberly’s medical fund. It was an incredible gesture and show of sportsmanship and compassion by coach Mark Albert and his community,” Peacock said.

Whitefish Invite results:

At Whitefish Lake Golf Course

Team Totals

1. Frenchtown/Alberton 50; 2. Columbia Falls 56; 3. Browning 69; 4. Whitefish 103; 5. Ronan 107; 6. Eureka 147; 7. Polson 149; 8. Libby 225; Not scoring — Cut Bank, Thompson Falls, Two Eagle River

Top 25 Individuals

1. Brock Rugg, Frenchtown 16:55.66

2. Tyler Schmautz, Frenchtown 16:57.88

3. Gabe Knudsen, Columbia Falls 16:58.65

4. James Normandeau, Ronan 17:24.66

5. Joe Lamb, Columbia Falls 17:34.02

6. Derek Sharp, Browning 17:46.56

7. Alex Lowe, Eureka 17:46.58

8. James Role, Columbia Falls 17:51.73

9. Nathan Dennis, Ronan 17:53.84

10. Luke Lutz, Frenchtown 17:53.96

11. Miles Vrentas, Whitefish 17:54.84

12. Phillip Sunrhodes, Browning 17:56.22

13. Justin Burd, Browning 18:07.22

14. Jesse Shaske, Frenchtown 18:07.95

15. Parker McConnell, Thmpsn Flls 18:17.03

16. Bridger Gaertner, Whitefish 18:24.17

17. Hayden Campos, Browning 18:26.35 18. Chris Sheehan, Whitefish 18:28.10

19. Garrett Bates, Eureka 18:29.03

20. Seth Umbriaco, Columbia Falls 18:33.75

21. Quin Stewart, Polson 18:45.16

22. Colby Lantz, Thompson Falls 18:49.81

23. Bryce Bennett, Columbia Falls 19:03.57

24. Chris Reevis, Browning 19:05.48

25. Torin Crabtree, Frenchtown 19:09.49


Team Totals

1. Polson 41, 2. Whitefish 58; 3. Columbia Falls 100; 4. Frenchtown/Alberton 103; 5. Eureka 149; 6. Browning 155; 7. Libby 175; 8. Cut Bank 189; 9. Thompson Falls 193; Not scoring — Ronan, Selkirk

Top 25 Individuals

1. Beatrix Frissell, Polson 19:58.46

2. Naima Crowl, Polson 20:10.75

3. Molly Sitter, Polson 20:34.17

4. Sierra Cooper, Selkirk 20:36.45

5. Lizzy Mattson, Frenchtown 20:37.62

6. Abby Sherwood, Frenchtown 20:41.04

7. Lauren Thorstenson, Libby 20:54.70

8. Lara Erickson, Columbia Falls 20:55.78

9. Mckay Guckenberg, Eureka 21:05.68

10. Jessica Henson, Whitefish 21:17.22

11. Josephine Vardell, Whitefish 21:38.40

12. Ella Greenberg, Whitefish 21:49.39

13. Katie Arterburn, Whitefish 21:57.56

14. Josey Neesvig, Thmpsn Falls 22:01.74

15. Lindsey Brooks, Ronan 22:05.86

16. Raina Crowell, Columbia Falls 22:07.64

17. Abbi Fitzpatrick, Cut Bank 22:15.74

18. Braya Hobson, Whitefish 22:35.84

19. Gwen Seeley, Polson 22:36.79

20. Sadia Wahl, Polson 22:37.60

21. Jade Greenberg, Whitefish 22:43.03

22. Vandree Old Person, Browning 22:45.85

23. Malia Seeley, Polson 22:48.38

24. Veronica Reed, Browning 22:49.81

25. Genevieve Delorme, C-Falls 22:49.83

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