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The City of Columbia Falls mayoral election between Mr. Don Barnhart and me will give voters a real choice. I will serve as a full-time mayor and commit to real change, industrialization, and upgrading the business district, ask the City Council to close the city business office and transfer those responsibilities to the mayor’s office. The incorporation of the city business office and all existing and new departments will become part of my staff. The increased administrative duties and oversight of various departments will require a salaried executive secretary and hourly secretary/receptionist be added to my staff.

To serve the increasing population, new and expanding business, and maintenance of roads and parks will require three new City departments:

1) Engineering Department for roads and bridges.

2) Park Service Department

3) Building Inspection and Code Enforcement Department

The voters will need to pass a bond issue to expand City Hall using local contractors and labor to add two levels atop City Hall, as well a single level atop the Police Department and parking lot.

I would ask the City Council to create new sources of revenue that do not require County or State approval:

1) City-wide Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax

2) Annex current adjacent commercial properties

3) Parking meters in the Business District

Montana allows same day registration and voting.

Please vote and have a say in your city’s future.

Thank you.

John H. Rallis

Columbia Falls

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