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Got a call from an alert reader the other day. She said that one of the photos we ran for the “Yesterdays” column had an incorrect photo caption. The caption said folks were square dancing on Nucleus Avenue during Progress Days.

“They’re not square dancing,” she corrected. “That dance is called a snake.”

My dancing acumen is about as sharp as the lips on a carp. I wouldn’t now a snake from a square from a tango, to be honest, so I took her word for it.


My wife was on a web site the other day and had to come up with a new password. It had to have at least one number and one letter and it had to be eight characters, so after some thought, I suggested Trump666. She said she didn’t want any password that had any reference to Trump, so I suggested Obama666, just to be bipartisan.


Congratulations to the Columbia Falls football team on its first-ever state championship. It was nice to see a big crowd. Pete Darling recalled that the Wildcats made it to the state B playoffs back in the 1940s (the school was smaller back then), but World War II was on and because of gas rationing, they couldn’t travel to Glasgow to play the game.

Speaking of sports, Jeremy Weber will now be covering Wildcat sports. He comes from the Lake County Leader and West Yellowstone News. He’s a good photographer and good sports writer.

I enjoy photographing prep sports, but I’ve never really been a sport writer. I didn’t play team sports after the sixth grade. My high school didn’t even have football. Years prior, an athlete ran into one of the goalposts and was killed, so the school got rid of football.

All we had was soccer. Being slow as mud, I had no chance of playing high school soccer, not that I really wanted to.

My true love was fishing and bumming around in the woods (surprise, surprise). Taught myself to cast a fly rod with both my left and right hand.

As long as there’s fish in rivers and lakes, I will never go hungry.

Have a good week.

Chris Peterson is the editor of the Hungry Horse News.

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