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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a zealot is a “fanatically committed person” and zealotry is “excessive zeal; fanaticism”.

While the two letters to the editor that appeared in a recent newspaper covered very different subjects — there was a common denominator.

I would argue that both were written by religious zealots.

One letter written by a volunteer fire lookout starts with an apology to readers by stating that she was “too busy ... this summer to immediately respond to the outrageous and opportunistic comments” made by — according to her letter — she only listed various Republican official officials. She, however, was not too busy to write her lengthy daily diary description of her day that was posted by a friend’s online blog.

Her religion like most of those on the far left can be found at the altar of extreme environmentalism. They preach what they are told and damn anyone who doesn’t agree.

No criticism from her of those fellow so called environmentalists who continue to file lawsuit after lawsuit to prevent most if not all thinning of our national forests and parks. No, just Republicans.

In the other letter, the “non-Christian” wrote that “atheism is not a religion or a belief system”.

How hypocritical.

His everyday actions show otherwise. He practices atheism — he preaches atheism — and his attempts to convert people to his belief system of atheism can be argued are proof of his zealotry to his belief system — just as hers are to environmental extremism.

Atheists it can be argued, even attend church — although they describe their get-togethers as conventions.

Yes both letters exposed their zealous beliefs in their respective religions (environmental extremism and atheism) while showing a contempt for those who disagree.

They are both demanding we join in their arguably religious zealous and fanatical views.

I say no thanks to both.

Many on the North Fork agree with me.

Joe Novak


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