How many native fish species are in Montana? You should know...

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1. What is the Montana state fish:

a. Rainbow trout

b. Cutthroat trout

c. Brown trout

d. Paddlefish

2. How much is the total seasonal licensing fee for a 29-year old Montana resident:

a. $12

b. $19

c. $29

d. $32

3. How many species of fish are found in Montana:

a. 56

b. 72

c. 90

d. 102

4. How many native fish species are found in Montana:

a. 19

b. 34

c. 47

d. 59

5. Which of the following is not federally threatened or endangered in Montana:

a. Mooneye

b. Pallid sturgeon

c. White sturgeon

d. Bull trout

6. According to statistics, what percentage of Montana residents fished in 2011:

a. 25

b. 33

c. 49

d. 60

7. In 2015, the most popular stretch of stream in Montana was:

a. Bighorn River—Afterbay to Big Horn FAS

b. Madison River—Hebgen Dam to Ennis Lake

c. Gallatin River—Headwaters to Spanish Creek

d. Missouri River—Holter Dam to Cascade Bridge

8. In 2015, the most popular lake or reservoir in Montana was:

a. Flathead Lake

b. Fort Peck Reservoir

c. Georgetown Lake

d. Canyon Ferry Reservoir

9. How many free public Fishing Access Sites(FAS) are in Montana:

a. 91

b. 167

c. 215

d. 335

10. How are FAS’s funded:

a. $1 from sale of each resident fishing license

b. $5 from sale of each nonresident fishing license

c. Montana State General Fund


11. What is the slowest (fewest angler days) month in Montana:

a. January

b. March

c. November

d. December

12. Montana’s general fishing season runs:

a. Second Sunday in May through Sunday after Thanksgiving

b. Second Saturday in May through Thanksgiving

c. Third Saturday in May to November 30

d. May 1 through December 31

13. Which of the following is not an aquatic invasive species in Montana:

a. Elodea

b. Eurasian watermilfoil

c. Quagga mussels

d. Zebra mussels

14. According to Montana fish records, which of the following weighs the most:

a. Lake trout

b. Common carp

c. Northern pike

d. Tiger muskie

15. According to Montana fish records, which is the heaviest native fish species:

a. White sturgeon

b. Paddlefish

c. Big Mouth Buffalo

d. Channel catfish

16. How many state fish hatcheries are in Montana:

a. 6

b. 9

c. 12

d. 18

17. How many state fish hatcheries are in Flathead County:

a. 2

b. 3

c. 5

d. 7

18. In 2015, the highest number of which fish was stocked in Montana:

a. Kokanee salmon

b. Arctic grayling

c. Rainbow trout

d. Walleye

19. In 2015, highest angling pressure(resident + nonresident)was in Region:

a. 3 — Bozeman

b. 5 — Billings

c. 4 — Great Falls

d. 1 — Kalispell

20. What is the “fishing license year” in Montana:

a. January 1 through December 31

b. March 1 through end of February(following year)

c. April 1 through end of March(following year)

d. May 1 through end of April(following year)

ANSWERS: 1)b; 2)c; 3)c; 4)d; 5)a; 6)a; 7)d; 8)b; 9)d; 10)a & b; 11)b; 12)c; 13)a; 14)a; 15)b; 16)c; 17)b; 18)d; 19)a; 20)b

KEY: 18 – 20: Angler of Special Concern 15 – 17: Good guesser! 11 – 14: Need Fishful Thinking back issues Less than 11: Just get off the bus?

Source: Now You Know, published by FWP, 2017 ed.

Jerry Smalley’s Fishful Thinking column appears weekly in the Hungry Horse News.

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